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Trends in interior design are constantly changing.  We see some trends that stick around for a year or two and some that will last a decade or more.  One in particular that I keep seeing more and more is the request for wallpaper – now, this isn’t your grandmother’s fruit and flat floral patterened paper (or in my case, the 1970’s pink, orange, and green motif that was plastered to the walls of the bathrooms when my now husband bought his first house!).  But wallpapers with texture and more geometric patterns.

Like this G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. grasscloth:

Grasscloth comes in pretty much any shade you can imagine and adds the texture to a space that paint just simply cannot do!  I especially love it in dining rooms because it makes a statement but also allows your furnishings and light fixtures to stand apart.
Then there is wallpaper with more pattern:

The down fall to grasscloth and these wallpapers featured above?  The cost.  Most of the papers featured above are $70+ a roll…bummer… So you may ask yourself…what can I do to give my space that million dollar look without the price tag?  ENTER…WALL STENCILS!

The best stencil selection I have found is through Etsy seller CuttingEdgeStencils.

This last image is courtesy of Jones Design Company – she has a complete tutorial.
Although wall stenciling is EXTREMELY time consuming (or so I’ve heard…haven’t actually tackled this one myself…YET!  hehe don’t tell the hubby!), the final product in my most humble opinion is well worth the effort! 
I am contemplating trying out a wall stencil pattern in our living room…
Since we got married, I have found myself trying to change every bit of this house!  ha  Nathan bought this home right after we started dating and although I have had my hand in pretty much every big decision he has made in terms of furnishings, etc, there were several items that either I or he owned in college (yuck, that was a long time ago…and they must go!!!) or things that were purchased before I felt I had true ‘veto power’!  So now that this is officially ‘our’ home, I have all kinds of plans!  However, we do not plan to stay here too much longer (I always joke that the day I moved in, we outgrew this house!), so I want to be careful where we spend money and time.  That being said, I feel like paint and the like, are items I can do myself (since Nathan has NO extra time at this stage of his career) that are relatively inexpensive and can give us the biggest ‘bank for our buck’ so to speak.

So I believe I will be ordering (or making) a stencil in the next week or so and tackling that living room wall – then probably searching for some great pieces to hang on the walls and put on the mantle (oh…the mantle…I so wish I could just rip it right out – it is my enemy…it is boring and so the wrong style for this house…builders sometimes!)…anyways, I digress…be sure to check back for updates!

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