Fall is in the air…

…well, almost! True, the official start to fall does not begin for another week, but it is going to be 20 degrees cooler tomorrow…so to me, fall has arrived!

Fall means football games, enjoying the outdoors, planting…and decorating! Oh, my husband was thrilled last night as I dug through a box of fall decorations (not to be confused with Halloween decorations…my adorable, sparkling spiders won’t make their debut for a few more weeks!). In all seriousness, he really is a good sport!

I thought I’d share some fall decorations that are simple and just add that missing touch!

My mantle usually looks like this:

But I added some simple leaves and berries:

I received these candlesticks from Pottery Barn for our wedding and I am IN LOVE!!!!

On the tiers, I used the same materials from the mantle then picked the acorns out of my back yard!

And how adorable are these pumpkins?! (I think I’m gonna pick up some either chocolate or green candles.)

All these materials were under $30 and really allowed me to get my ‘fall fix’ without completely disrupting my house (like my Christmas decorations).

I also bought a couple great tablecloths that I plan to make throw pillows out of. You need rudimentary sewing knowledge to make throw pillows and they are an inexpensive way to change up your space. I plan to do them over the weekend – I will share once they are complete!

Do you decorate for fall? Any great ideas?

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