oh…so busy!

Oh, my poor little blog…you truly have been so neglected!  Here is what has been going on the last two weeks:

One of my very best friends (we’ve been friends for almost 20 years!) got married and I was so honored to be a bridesmaid in her wedding (as she was also one in mine).  Of course, she got married the weekend of the hurricane (bless her heart!), but regardless of some ‘hiccups’ everyone had a great time and she was one gorgeous bride!

See…I told you she was beautiful!  She and her new husband are off in Italy somewhere, I’m sure having the most marvelous time!

Then this past weekend we watched the Wolfpack’s victory over Liberty!  My husband is one HUGE sports fanatic – I never thought I’d marry someone who was as into sports as he is…but here I am – the boy lives for football season!  We go to every NC State home game (and I make sure I have plans while he screams at the television during away games – shhhhh)

Nathan’s love of the game has really opened up a love for me as well – what I love about football games is spending quality time with friends and loved ones while getting a chance to be outside enjoying the end of summer into fall.  It is just one of my most favorite times of the year!  Plus I love seeing my husband enjoying something that he loves so much!  

Ok, now I promise, more design talk tomorrow!

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