the WOW factor…

One thing that I have heard a lot more lately from clients is that they want a ‘WOW’ factor in their space!  Since we specialize in kitchens and bathrooms – I’m gonna break them up into 2 different posts…so for today…THE KITCHEN – WOW FACTOR EDITION!
Now…’The Wow’ as we will call it, does not have to be extremely expensive (although…if you really want ‘the woah, wow’…it will cost you!) ha.  One of my favorite elements in the kitchen to dress up or ‘go outside the box’ with is the hood.  EVERY kitchen needs ventilation so if you’re going to spend money, why not make it worth your while?! 

Our cabinetry installers build many of our hoods (often times out of plywood or mdf that we then have faux finished) – for this option, it really just is labor and materials and you can really customize your look.  Check a few of these out:

For this particular hood, the contractor built it to our specifications, it was trimmed out with cabinetry material, then on the bottom flat area, we purchased some amazing metallic tiles and had them cut down.  Finally we had a faux finisher apply a paint technique to the top.   

The client loves that way it came out and it truly creates conversation piece whenever they have company. 

Here is another one similar to the above – but instead of the faux finish, we had a wallpaper installer come in cut an extremely thick wallpaper that looked like stone, she then grouted inbetween to give that true stone look – I was very pleased with how it came out!

Of course, hoods can be made out of cabinetry parts for an integrated look that I also love. It takes up the least wall space (bc you don’t need empty wall either side of the hood) and really ties the cabinetry together.

Now…for the more modern-prone homeowner – check out this stainless steel hood that works so well with the tile!

This brings me to my second major wow that – the backsplash…this very hood (or another stainless hood) could be paired with a tumbled marble and it would all of a sudden transform from contemporary to traditional.

Pairing this hood makes a statement but the full Carerra Marble splash and tops (along with the Antique White cabinetry) makes this hood anything by modern!

Part of why I absolutely love design is that there are so many options that each client can really make their home unique and personalized to their tastes. 

I love diving in and getting to know my clients – we become part of their lives for a series of months and helping them improve their lifestyle is so rewarding!

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