A touch of glass

We have remodeled a lot of kitchen & bathrooms over the years and one of the reoccurring trends is the use of mosaic glass tile accents.  Glass mosaics are such a beautiful way to add some character, and a unique charm to any space… whether you add a full wall of it, or just an accent area.  

These are some of the favorite glass accents we have done through the years at Essence Design Studios!:

Sonoma tile makers is one of our favorite tile companies we use on a regular basis.  Their glass has an internal ‘crackle’ to it that gives depth, refraction of light and beauty!  This kitchen above used bottocino white tumbled marble on a diagonal, with the beautiful large medallion behind the hood, and the square 2×2 accents in the rest of the backsplash.  The medallion is framed with a row of metallic mosaics, and a beautiful stone frame. 

Sonoma tile again!  This is their beautiful rhomboid pattern.  The fun thing about this pattern is that we were able to choose exactly which 5 colors we wanted in this mosaic, along with how much of each color.  Yes, it gets a bit technical sometimes, but it turned out exactly how we wanted it and the homeowners were thrilled!

Our clients had this beautiful tile scene from Italy that they wanted to incorporate into the design.   The colors in the granite really play off of the colors in the hand painted scene, and the mosaics that frame the scene. 

Bathrooms are another great place to incorporate glass mosaics as an accent.  I this case, we used a natural porcelain tile in the shower walls and floors, and a mosaic horizontal band with bronze and silvers to add some character.     

To me this tile always felt soft and fresh.  We used a natural porcelain on the walls and floors, and incorporated a glass stone mix mosaic in a band around the shower.  You can see the light reflecting off of the glass tiles in the mosaic.  This mosaic was beautiful not only because of the mix of natural stone, and glass… but because the glass looked like tumbled beach glass, which gave a nice beachy feel. 

Our client loved lavender, so we wanted to incorporate that into the room without going overboard.  The marble is a grey & creamy color, where the mosaic we chose has some blue & purple iridescent hues which lends itself to take on the surrounding colors.  Therefore, we painted the walls in the room soft lavender, and the wall color enhanced the tile! 

You guessed it… more tile from Sonoma!  You don’t have to only use tiles in a shower; Go ahead and use them as your backsplash.  Using tile as a backsplash is a creative way to add color, texture, and character to your simple countertops.   

Here we used glass in a mosaic vertical band, along with a natural stone porcelain. 

Just another take on a tile backsplash.  We used a crackled glass tile around the iridescent glass tile to create a nice border. Both the border & glass mosaic are made by….. take a guess!! 

Simple was the right approach in this application.  Just one row of glass mosaics add enough detail to enhance the backsplash. 

We just took pictures of a bunch of jobs we completed in the last few months.  Please view our Facebook page for all of the pictures we posted of these jobs, and more!!  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Essence-Design-Studio/286186671761