Dark painted ceilings?…

Similar to my last post, this one is again about ceilings! Most people think painting ceilings a dark color would make a room feel closed in, and depressing.  However, that is not the case!  Here are certain features to implement in your space to make the room feel more open, cozy and comfortable… and not closed in: 

While the ceiling here looks more like a painted wood, or a dark stain… the overall comfy feel of this room is created by the dark black ceiling.  What adds some brightness to the room is the open windows, white walls, and bright colors such as the green.  

How great is this room? Not only did they use the dark chocolate on the ceiling but they also used it on the walls.  The beautiful crown molding, base board & window casings add enough white to really make the dark paint stand out.  Dark paint can also make your white moldings ‘pop’.  You can look at it either way! 

More dark ceilings, large moldings, and light walls… noticing a trend?  

 I still love this dining room because of those beautiful aqua chairs, and the open feel of such a dark room.  It does help to have a lot of natural light, and large painted moldings.  What also would brighten this room is the use of a lighter color rug, and some art work that stands out against the gray. 

Not a huge fan of the painted trim in that color, but still love the room! Think of how fresh the room would feel with white trim instead! 

Feel how light and airy this room is!  This is a beautiful contrast of light fabrics, and wall colors.  Adding to this is the use of lighter materials such as glass, brushed steel, and white pottery.  

A bedroom which feels very cozy and large! The white trim detail on the ceiling with the dark chocolate paint adds to the height of the room.  

Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you are painting your ceiling a darker color, to keep the room feeling open and brighter:

  • Higher ceilings (9′ +) can tend to be extreme dark colors (chocolate, black, charcoal).  Lower ceilings will want to stay on the medium tones (tans, pewters). 
  • Keep a lighter or neutral color on the walls.
  • Paint your trim white, and add room crown.  Depending on budget, switch small room trim to larger room trim. 
  • Ground the room with a lighter color rug.  
  • Use lighter furniture, and accents that introduce some lighter or brighter colors.
  • Make sure the room has adequate light if you are going extremely dark.  If it doesn’t, you may want to opt for a medium tone.  
  • Introduce additional lighting in the form of lamps, wall sconces, ceiling lights, or even recessed lighting.  

As always, my tips are not ‘rules’… so every single one doesn’t have to apply to your situation to still have a fabulous space, with a stunning dark ceiling!  

Soon I will be painting the ceiling in my office a darker color, and I will post my progress! 

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