Master bath accent walls

Most of my clients in Cincinnati are familiar with the interior design concept of a feature or accent  wall.  They are aware that an accent wall is usually finished in a different color, pattern or finish to stand out from the rest of the room and draw your eye to that particular area.  This is very common to have an accent wall in any room, and it is especially easy to incorporate while you are working through master bath design and remodeling process.    So  many aspects of the room can be considered feature walls, whether they are simple or elaborate!  Check out these great bathroom designs that showcase feature wall locations and ideas.


 Tiling behind the tub is not only the perfect feature wall, but also a great frame for any free standing or built-in tub.



This may be the most popular place to have a feature wall.  Although it may be obvious, you cannot go wrong.


My favorite location of a feature wall!  Tiling behind the vanities is unique, and creates a custom design.

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