The Sunroom – A room for all seasons!

With spring right around the corner (hopefully!)… I cannot think of a better place to spend some time than in a bright and airy sunroom.   Sunrooms, or morning rooms, should feel open, and warm from the sunlight coming in through the many large windows.   For the spring and summer, a nice fan and light colors can keep the room feeling cool.  Add a wood burning fireplace, and heavier blankets to your sofa or chair, and this room is the perfect getaway year round!  This is also the perfect place to drink your cup of coffee or tea, read a good book, or just relax with your spouse, family and friends.  I come from a large family, so when we gather at my parent’s house for a holiday party you can guarantee we are all crammed in the sunroom.  These are some beautiful ideas and unique uses for your morning room or sunroom!:

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