A Kitchen Design Transformation!

One of the most rewarding aspects of being a kitchen and bath designer is seeing the full transformation of a space from design concept to completion.    I am going to take you through the transformation of a kitchen I just completed starting with the ideas in my head at the initial walk through, the concept sketches, computer renderings and finally the after pictures!!

Before Pics:  We always take before pics and for a couple reasons.  1.  To compare to the after pics, obviously!  2.  Sometimes we see so many kitchen and bathrooms, we like to keep the pictures on file as a reference to our notes we take at the consultation.  These are the before pictures of this kitchen remodel:

As you can see, the kitchen feels crammed in and bland.  The peninsula really closes off the room, and the refrigerator sticking out in the middle of the kitchen makes the room feel small.    The cabinets are outdated, there is little counter space, and the lighting is dim.  My wheels really start turning at the initial walk through with the client as I usually get some immediate ideas in my head at first glance which in turn makes me anxious to start designing.  My initial ideas were to take out that peninsula,  open up the wall to the living room, and relocate the fridge.  I came up with a few concept sketches to present to my clients, as I usually like to have a few options to show so they feel confident on their final decision.  These ideas we decided against…

Option 1: Here I was trying to keep with the similar floorplan.  I shortened up the wall with the fridge, and took down the cabinets over the peninsula.  The problem:  It still made the kitchen feel a little crammed and separated with the peninsula, and fridge in the center of the room:


Option 2:  We opened up the wall completely, and moved the fridge.  The island is in the center of the room.  Problem:  The island looks tiny, and in the middle of the room it doesn’t feel like it gives much walking room…. plus it is nothing unique:


Option 3:  This one was the favorite, as we ended up deciding on this initial concept and layout.  The island is much bigger, giving more counter space for working.  It also gives a larger work space in the kitchen:

Now comes the times for revisions, and tweaks to the final design!  Plus, I usually like to do a colored rendering to help the client visualize how the room will look….  tada!

Bring on the construction process! This is the nerve wracking part as a designer.  I swear I have nightmares of ordering wrong parts, or forgetting to order something.  I have nightmares before cabinet deliveries too that I ordered the wrong doorstyle or finish, and the whole job is messed up.  Luckily, check the orders 3-4 times, and mistakes rarely happen.  However, we are human and we still miss mistakes even when we look over the order 3-4 times.  On this job, I forgot to order the under cabinet light rail molding.  Fortunately, that was the worst of it and it doesn’t hold up the initial installation of the cabinets!!

Cabinets get installed, and no worries…. So I can breathe and relax!  Now we just have to wait for the granite…

Finally, everything is done and it looks beautiful.  The final design is such a transformation from the before pictures.  The room feels much more open, and the lighting is much brighter.  My camera stopped working before I left to take pictures (of course!), so I just took them on my cell phone.  Even the cell phone pics turned out nicely!

A lot goes into a kitchen design, especially when it comes to conceptualizing and executing.  Working with the designer can help you take your boring, outdated kitchen and turn it into something better than you ever imagined.

As you can see, we can work with you from any stage of the remodel process, and walk you through the stages from concept to completion.  Also, if you already have design plans for your kitchen or bath… but are having a hard time visualizing it due to lack of perspectives or color rendering, than please contact us!  Just send us your floorplan, and we can provide you with the colored rendering(s) you need!!  We also work with contractors, cabinetry sales people or even other designers who need our computer aided design help.

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