Shades of Gray

With Dura Supreme releasing their new “shades of gray’ color palate, I wanted to share with you how stunning this trend can be!

Those are Dura Supreme’s new gray paint colors…  Using their inspiration, below you will find some kitchens floating around the internet that use the grays to create a dream kitchen.


Subtlety is key in this kitchen, the cabinetry is a light gray… where it looks like an off shade of white.  Marble tops in kitchens are so classic, and accent the gray cabinets beautifully!!!


Darker can be dramatic.  Again, the gray is paired with marble countertops, and a shimmery marble mosaic backsplash.


Love the mix of the 2 grays.  This kitchen in general is so fresh feeling!


Mixing a dark gray , with a creamy white is a perfect way to balance cool & warm tones.  I absolutely love everything about this kitchen, the marble counters & backsplash, dark wood floors, custom stone hood, creamy yellow wall color… and the glass details such as the hanging pendants & gothic mullions on the glass cabinet doors.  How perfect is the fabric on the chairs?


Hello traditional, meet industrial.  Lighter gray cabinets & dark soapstone counters are the perfect canvas for the early American steel chairs & classical light fixtures.


Another kitchen I am in love with that uses a light gray cabinet & marble counter.  Cannot go wrong there.  I dream about having a kitchen with that many windows that overlook trees or a back garden, honestly!!  Also… I am not much of a person for sweets, and I don’t eat gluten…. However, those cupcakes on the island look decadent!


If modern is your cup of tea, dark gray is the perfect choice in colors.  While still traditional with a marble countertop (again!), their use of a simple doorstyle, plain glass doors, and stainless hardware help to modernize the look.


Oh how this kitchen makes me want to cook.  I feel like I would have everything I need in here.  Plus, I am a huge fan of any cabinets that look built in.  Notice how they have the same gray cabinet color as a beadboard back on the backsplash.  You guessed it, more marble countertops… except this time its mixed by mammoth stainless steel sink & extended steel countertop, and the island has a few maple butcher blocks built in.


A beautiful shade of gray cabinets here, and once more………….. marble countertops.  However, I really feel the light fixtures are oversized.  That might have been the designers intention, but the scale to me seems off! It’s  a beautiful design either way.


This cozy kitchen is complete with gray cabinets, that look like they have an antiqued brushed glaze on them.  Top them with, you guessed it… more marble, and complete the look with a contrasting curved corner hutch, and a contrasting dark gray paint color.  The bowl of apples actually adds a nice pop of color…

That completes the shades of gray kitchens!! Soon Dura Supreme will be posting the new colors on their website, so stay tuned.  Also, keep in mind that if you have a hard time visualizing how gray would look in your home, that we have the design software to show you how your kitchen design could look, in color!

I would love to know what you think of the new ‘shades of gray’, and your thoughts on this trend in general.

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