Add charm to your bathroom!

My clients often ask me: What is the easiest way to add elegance to any bathroom design?  The answer:  A chandelier!!   It doesn’t have to be ornate, or detailed… even something simple with clean lines can do the trick.   Adding a hanging fixture in a room is like wearing a solitaire diamond necklace with a classic black dress.  It just adds some charm and character, to elevate the overall look. Check out these beautiful bathroom designs that include chandeliers that I pulled from the web!

As you can see, a chandelier can really add some visual appeal.  A few areas to consider hanging a chandelier is either in the center of the room, above the tub, or over the vanities.  If your ceiling is lower, and you feel a chandelier might be too big, you can consider a semi-flush mount fixture.

I have a few master bathroom design & remodels going on here in the Cincinnati area, so you will be sure to see some chandeliers in those bathrooms…  stay tuned!


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